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Top 100 Guitar Tabs Sites
Top 100 Guitar Sites
Rating System: 1 tab (Poor) to 5 tabs (Best)6
Slow Gold
The Slow Gold program designed by World Wide Woodshed is a great way to learn riffs no matter how hard. You can download a working demo version that offers the full functionality of the regular, except you can only use tracks 1 and 2 to slow down. The program is easy to use. Create loops by simply pressing the "Start Loop" button and ending with the "Complete Loop" button. Tracks can be slowed down to one-half, one-third, and even one-fifth of the original speed.
Overall Rating: 5 Tabs
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Shuffler Music Converter
The Shuffler Music Converter is an excellent program to interchange Mp3's, Wave's and Windows Media Audio music formats with one another. The program is interfaced like Windows Eplorer making it simple to navigate through your hard drive. Multiple files can be selected at once and converted into specified formats in the folder of your choice. The program is relatively small to download (1.8 MB) and it is completely free of charge
Overall Rating: 4 1/2 Tabs
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AudioCatalystX rips and encodes digital music from CDs. The XingMP3 Encoder engine encodes the music digitally, without using the sound card, which enables you to make perfect copies of the original sound tracks as smaller sized MP3 or WAV files. The shareware has a catch, you can only get random songs off a given CD at once. But restarting the application gives you a fresh set of random tracks. You also can't compress wav files off your hard drive in the trial version. Good quality Rips at decently high speeds.
Overall Rating: 4 Tabs
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